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additional reading and sources mentioned in the lecture

Lecture 1 (Introduction - How Institutions Emerge):

Acemoglu, D., Robinson, J., The Economic Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy, Cambridge University Press 2006.

Varese, F., The Russian Mafia: Private Protection in a New Market Economy, Oxford University Press 2001.

Journal Articles
Schofield, N., Gallego, M., Jeon, J.S., Muskhelishvili, M., Modelling Elections in the Caucasus. Journal of Elections, Public Opinion & Parties 22, 2012: 187-214.

Lecture 2 (Markets and Efficiency):

Textbook Chapters
Varian, H., Intermediate Microeconomics, 7th ed., W.W. Norton 2006, chapter 1

Lecture 3 (Corruption):

Bernheim, D., Whinston, M., Menu Auctions, Resource Allocation, and Economic Influence, Quarterly Journal of Economics 101, 1986: 1-31.

Sonin, K., State Capture and Corruption in Transition Economies, The New Palgrave of Economics, 2nd ed., 2008. link (free on campus)

Sun, Y., Reform, State, and Corruption: Is Corruption Less Destructive in China than in Russia?, Journal of Comparative Politics 32, 1999: 1-20. JSTOR link (free on campus)

Svensson, J., Eight Questions about Corruption, Journal of Economic Perspectives 19 (3), 2005: 19-42. free AEA link

Other Sources
Lambsdorf, J. Graf, The Institutional Economics of Corruption and Reform. Theory, Evidence and Policy, Cambridge University Press 2007. Freely available on the internet.

Wedeman, A., Double Paradox: Rapid Growth and Rising Corruption in China, Cornell University Press 2012.

Lecture 6 (Greenhouse Gas Emission Rebatement as a Public Good):

Boehringer, C., The Kyoto-Protocol: A Review and Perspectives, Oxford Review of Economic Policy 19, 2003: 451-466

Finus, M., van Ierland, E., Dellink, R., Stability of climate coalitions in a cartel formation game, Economics of Governance 7, 2006: 271291
Downloadable (LINK)

Other Sources
Nordhaus, W., A New Solution: The Climate Club, New York Review of Books, 4 June 2015. LINK

Lecture 9 (Taxes and Efficiency):

Other Sources
Brennan, G., Buchanan, J.M., The Power to Tax, Cambridge University Press 1980, chapter 4: Taxation of Commodities. LINK

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The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics link (free on campus)