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additional reading and sources mentioned in the lecture

Lecture 7 (Signaling Games):

Spence, M., Job Market Signaling, The Quarterly Journal of Economics, Vol. 87, 1973: 355-374.

Cho, I.-K., Kreps, D.M., Signaling Games and Stable Equilibria, The Quarterly Journal of Economics, Vol. 102, 1987: 179-221.

Lecture 8 (Non Cooperative Bargaining):

Osborne, M., Rubinstein, A., A Course in Game Theory, Chpt. 7.

Fudenberg, D., Tirole, J., Game Theory, Chpt. 7

Lecture 9 (Coalitions and Stability):

Ray, D., A Game Theoretic Perspective on Coalition Formation, OUP 2007
(LINK to Oxford Scholarship).

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